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Terms & conditions


The terms & conditions are intended to define the contractual relationship between LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE and the Client (Corporation).

The Client agrees to market LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE’s high-quality products with the utmost care and professionalism to ensure the good image of LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE’S products and the company itself.

The Client agrees to not modify the products, the packaging or all or partial graphic visuals (logo, product label, etc..).

These terms & conditions shall prevail over all other general or special conditions not expressly approved by LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE.

LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE reserves the right to modify its terms & conditions. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the Customer’s order. 


The Products sold by LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE can be accessed by Customers with a personal access code.

Product Information:
All our products comply with the legislation in force. The product details are available on the site (

Product Availability:
Products are offered so long as they are in stock. In cases where the product is unavailable, the Customer will be informed promptly upon the processing of the order and prior to delivery, by email.

LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE cannot be held responsible in cases in which a product is out of stock or unavailable.

Title retention clause
LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE retains the ownership of the goods sold until the effective payment of the full price in principal and accessories.

As soon as delivery has occurred, the risks (including loss, theft or damage) concerning the delivered products are the Customer’s responsibility. 


The prices, minimum order amount, cost of shipping and the payment conditions are sent to the Customer via e-mail by LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE when the account is created. Prices include packaging costs.

LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in case of an existing dispute with the Customer or for lack of payment by the Customer for a previous order.

Should an invoice not be paid by its due date, all other outstanding invoices will be due for payment immediately regardless of their due date. LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE will suspend all deliveries until full payment of the invoices, including the shipping costs, have been paid.

In accordance with the n° 2012-387 law of March 22nd, 2012 relative to the simplification of the law and the easing of administrative procedures, “Any late payment shall legally give right and without any notice be necessary to the payment of late fees on the basis of the ECB rate plus ten (10) points and the payment of a lump sum indemnity for recovery costs in the amount of 40€.”


Terms and delivery time:
As a general rule, orders are sent out the same day (business day) if they are placed before noon, or by the following business day if the order is placed on the same afternoon.

Orders are then forwarded to the delivery company. The Products ordered by the Customer will be delivered to the delivery address indicated on the purchase order.

LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE will not be held responsible in cases of delay due to the delivery company.

In cases of late delivery, the Customer must report this delay as soon as possible, to LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE’S customer service by email to the following address: LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE will then contact the delivery company to research the issue. Upon receiving the ordered products, the Customer must check the conditions of these Products. Any complaint concerning the delivery (missing or broken product, damaged parcel, …) will have to be indicated by the Customer on the receipt that the delivery company will present to him at time of delivery. The Customer must inform LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE’s customer service immediately by email to the following address within 24 hours. In cases of non-compliance with this deadline, LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE will be free of all liability.


The guarantee of LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE’s products is only applicable to the products ordered and the products delivered and cannot guarantee any other issues related to delivery. Should the product delivered not conform to the product ordered, the Customer must report it to LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE within 7 days of delivery. After confirmation from LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE by mail, the defective product shall be returned to LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE and LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE will replace it free of charge.

All costs associated with the product replacement and delivery will be the responsibility of LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE.

LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE will not be liable for any compensation of any kind whatsoever, the Customer waives any claim for compensation or prosecution.


Any dispute or dispute relating to the execution or interpretation of our terms & conditions is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Versailles, the jurisdiction in which LA SAVONNERIE ROYALE SAS is registered. The applicable law is French law.