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Reusable Glass Bottle

Reusable Glass Bottle.

Luxurious design made in France.

To refill with the 1L liquid soaps.

Our bottles have a security clip for safe transport.

200 ml / 6.76 fl.oz


French made
Reusable Bottle

La Savonnerie Royale is offering a new innovative concept for limiting single-use plastic packaging! With our new reusable glass bottles, all you have to do is fill the bottle with the soap of your choice with our 1 liter hand soap refills!

Olive and coconut oils

 The vegetable base of our liquid hand soap is composed of olive and coconut oil. These oils are derived from olive and coconut pulp. We have selected these ingredients for our soaps because they are ideal for all kinds of skin, whether dry or sensitive.

We make our extra-soft liquid soaps in Haute-Provence, in the tradition of Marseille soaps. Our soaps are natural and do not contain any colorings, paraben or sulfates.

Upon their creation, the vegetable base of our liquid hand soap is poured into bottles, also made in France.

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