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Excellent Workmanship

 As well as highlighting the richness of our heritage, our wish is to highlight the French “savoir-faire”.

We make our natural soaps in Haute-Provence, in the respected tradition of Marseille soaps. Our 100g soaps are of a vegetable base, enriched of organic shea butter. We undertake artisanal methods wherein the plant base is poured into engraved fleur-de-lys soap molds. The packaging of our natural soaps is 100% made in France.

We have chosen creators from the city of Grasse, the world-renowned capital of extraordinary perfumers found in the south of France. Our fragrances, Poudre de riz, Pétales d’églantine, Le bassin de Neptune, XIV, Secret Impérial and Une Nuit au Château were selected for their exceptional fragrance, inspired by the history of France and its chateaus.

Regarding the manufacturing of the scented candles, we have chosen to partner with our Spanish candle-making partner, the historical supplier to the royal families, for their exceptional know-how.  The 100% vegan vegetable candle wax, is made of soy and coconut oils and mango butter. The quality of the wax for our scented candles reflect the know-how of our partner aligning quality with aesthetic.

The jewelry that we have designed, found in our scented candles, was created in a Parisian workshop.