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La Savonnerie Royale draws its inspiration from the splendor of the Palace of Versailles and its history.

Unique Products inspired by French history and 'Art de Vivre'

La Savonnerie Royale is a French soap maker that seeks excellence in the quality of its products and their packaging. We make our bar and liquid soaps in Haute-Provence, in the respected tradition of Marseille soaps. The creation of artisanal and natural soaps is at the heart of our business!

Each vegetable bar soap is enriched of organic shea butter, an exceptionally moisturizing ingredient ideal for the prevention of dry skin.

Our 100g specialty soap bars are available in our Grasse fragrances: Poudre de Riz, Pétales d’Églantine, Le bassin de Neptune, XIV, Secret Impérial and Une Nuit au Château.

La Savonnerie Royale is honored to announce its collaboration with the Palace of Versailles©. This partnership, combining expertise and heritage, is an opportunity for La Savonnerie Royale to promote its olfactory universe, inspired by the perfumes in vogue at the court of Versailles. Try now the new Promenades Galantes soap.

Enjoy our boxes of three luxurious soaps to discover the perfumed universe of La Savonnerie Royale!

Give in equally to the extra-soft natural liquid soap, enriched of olive oil and coconut oil and available now in reusable glass bottles !